In 2009 my second poetry book was completed on schedule (a big thank you to my editor, Karen); however, due to the economy and such, it will not be released until later this year (2010). I will give the release date and title on the website when it does come out.

As of January 2nd 2010, I have begun work on my 3rd poetry book. Things are moving smoothly and I have not yet released any rough poems in the poetry section yet. 

As of February 8th 2011, poetry for the Third book is going through revising process by me before I send it off to the editor for first look. For sample poetry of what you may see in the third book, please click on Poetry to your left in the menu, and then look for “Poetry of the Month” category. I am still working on some pieces that may replace other poems I have already chosen. There is no confirm release date yet since I want to keep my poetry book around 110 poems. Thank you for emails and questions.

Due to a computer and an external hard drive crash the third book has been put on hold. Most of the material was lost except for a little bit here a there. I am taking this time to concentrate on my Bachelors in Technology Management. Once that is completed I am hoping to move forward again and finish the trilogy.

June 27th 2015 with two terms left till graduation after summer classes are over. The excitement is building for me to return back to work. I have made many changes in my technique and in skills for writing. This could cause me to look at possible other fields besides poetry. With other projects developing on the side, I will keep everyone in formed.

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