“Simplicity in Words”

Dedicated to: Gerald Ward Smith
January 8th, 1906 – April 12th 1985

As quoted from “Simplicity in Words” written by William R. Heaton

“This came with heavy support from my closest relative, my great grandpa Gerald Smith who died when I was young and who told me life was nothing but a special place to live and take nothing for granted and excel to meet your challenges. “

“Reflection of Words”

Dedictated to: Jessica Erin Heaton
March 5th 1986 to February 17th 2010

As quoted from “Reflection of Words” written by William R. Heaton

“Reflection in Words is dedicated to my cousin Jessica Erin Heaton who loved animals and had a very gentle soul, always had a smile for those who needed it. We will wish her a blessed journey and lots of love. She will always be in my heart and my

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